My invitation to Nicki Minaj’s 40th birthday party.

As a prominent figure on the internet, I receive a lot of special offers and freebies. And this isn’t just because my email address is plastered all over the place and spam robots find it and… ok that’s exactly why. I get a lot of spam. But this amazing advertisement for Urban Nightlife Org snuck through the spam filter, and intrigued me with its subject: Nicki Minaj 40in|Free Birthday Parties|New Wknd Events… At first glance I thought I was invited to Nicki Minaj’s 40th birthday party, which didn’t sound right for about a thousand reasons (her age, she probably doesn’t have my new email address, etc), but I clicked anyway. And this is what I got. The longest advertisement for… I don’t know if this is one place or just an advertisement for being a young urban professional that likes to party. Which, hey, I’m all for that. But the amount of graphics, along with the sheer length of this email is just incredible. This is somewhat SFW, unless your job has something against partying (oh, and I removed all of the links because they looked shady as shit).


  1. Karl says:

    The unfinished thoughts in that ad are going to make me nervous all day.

    “Followed by the two separate rooms that cater to audiences who like to either hit the dance floor…”

    -Or what? What if I don’t like hitting dance floors? WHAT IS MY OTHER OPTION?!

  2. Ziajah says:

    Nicki I love u ur music is that best music Iv ever heard in my whole life I Ostend to r music everyday all day I am ur biggest fan I was also wondering how much u charge for parties.

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