Youtube Friday Timesink – 4.1.11: Indefinite Flavor Crystals

Street Fighter 2 is 20 years old, which makes me feel like I’m 1,000 years old. As a kid I would play in arcades and get destroyed by younger child prodigies despite my “Select E. Honda, hit punch over and over and over” technique. Similarly, I just ordered Super Street Fighter 4… why did I do this? I’m gonna play it for about a week, get killed over and over by younger child prodigies that will question my sexuality and ethnic background, then I’ll throw it in the pile of games I don’t play. Here’s a Kirk Cameron-looking dude in a backwards hat just chillin’ at the mall, talkin’ bout street fighters. Happy birthday!

Season 5 of The Whitest Kids U Know is starting next week on IFC. I think it’s the only channel my TV gets because I never switch channels. One night I watched Portlandia, Mr. Show and Evil Dead 2. In a row. Independent Film Channel? More like Infinite Fantastic Content. More like Instoppable Flawless… Characters? I don’t know. Here’s Little Hitler.

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