“Can he move it like this?” asked Pretty Raheem ft Flynt Flossy

Hello! It’s been a pretty crazy few months you guys. I got married, I sipped the finest wine the Amalfi Coast had to offer, and I directed a music video starring Pretty Raheem. It’s called “Can He Move It Like This?” and I think you’ll find the answer quite surprising (no, he cannot move it like that, unless you’re talking about Pretty Raheem, which, if that’s the case, then yes he can, and I’m embarrassed that you even asked in the first place).

Youtube Friday Timesink – 2.18.11

Heeeyyyy Tonnnyyy, haaaavvve sooooommme caaaaakkkke. Leeeeeeeeet’ssss beeeeeee frrrrriennnnnnddddsssss.

HOLY FUCK LATE EDITION ADDITION: Teach me how to Thommy, teach me teach me how to Thommy. (thank you Emily)

I want to be the Grindhouse trailer voice guy when I grow up.

My first exposure to Kids in the Hall, embedded in my brain forever.

album of the year? ummm never heard of them ever

Youtube Friday Timesink – 2.11.11

It’s Friday, you know you’re not doing anything at work, so watch some videos. Oh and if the giant banner on the side wasn’t enough, like this page on facebook oh god I have no friends.

Links to make you thinks.

The 90's are back! Let's do heroin and star in Empire Records.

- Boy 8-Bit – The Keep.  I always said that if I had a projector and a stationary bicycle, I would rear-project Wolfenstein 3D behind me and tour-de-france my way through level after level to an infectious chip-tune beat. Thankfully, Boy 8-Bit has the tools and the technology to make this happen. Happy 4/21.

- The 120 Minutes Archive.  Hey remember the 80’s and 90’s? There used to be this channel named Music Television (MTV) and they had blocks of airtime dedicated to music videos. The hip hop kids had Yo! MTV Raps, the Pantera-loving meth addicts had Headbanger’s Ball and the indoor flannel kids had 120 Minutes. The 120 Minutes Archive is a collection of playlists and their respective videos. You just have to provide your own Kurt Loder interludes and commercials for Aeon Flux and it’s like you’re magically transported to my bedroom 15 years ago. Jesus, this song was everywhere and still makes me want to hack the planet.

– Q: Hey Bill Cosby, just what do you eat for breakfast? The answer may surprise you. If you’ve never eaten breakfast before. Bonus answer - CHOCOLATE CAKE FOR BREAKFAST.

- ESP Training. A few week ago I talked about Dr. Peter Venkman’s ESP case study, and now there’s an iPhone app that lets you test yourself using strikingly similar methods. My ESP told me this app would exist one day, and now I’m kicking myself for not creating it. Zero follow through.