Is it April Fool’s or April Fools’ or Apri’l Fools?

Well it’s April 2nd, and once again I’m left questioning what’s real and what isn’t on the internet. Why do webmasters and webmistresses find it so funny to like, write everything backwards or remove vowels from their site on April Fools’ Day? Oh ho ho, I was expecting one thing, but I got something completely different… I’ve been APRIL FOOL HORNSWAGGLED.

Here are some stories and links that tripped me up yesterday.

You guys win, I'm sufficiently fooled.

Cypress Hill Debut “Rise Up” Video Online.  This one nearly got me until I realized that Cypress Hill* hasn’t put out an album since 1993, and… oh wait, they did?  They’ve released six albums since then?  And a new one is coming out this year?  Well then this is an even more successful prank, because there’s no way this song is real.  To really drive the prankiness home, they even hired Tom Morello to “Tom Morello it up” all over this fake track instead of just releasing a new video for “Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That,” which is all Cypress Hill should be doing until the end of time.

Boil water advisory remains in effect for Jersey City until tests prove water is safe to drink.  Haha, the water is never safe to drink here.  Nice try Jersey City!

The A-Team Trailer #2.  Again, I admire the production values that went into this prank.  It’s got Qui Gon, shirtless Bradley Cooper and a bunch of other dudes blowing shit up, just like the real A-Team from the early 60’s television program.  This appears to be a follow-up to the cinematic G.I. Joe prank that was released in theaters last year… and really, hats off to the masterminds behind that one.  You guys are good.  But yeah, sorry to get your hopes up A-Team fans, but this simply isn’t happening in 2010.

(* Note for my younger readers: Cypress Hill was one of (if not the most) successful Latino rap groups in the early 90’s.  With such hits as Insane in the Brain, How I Could Just Kill a Man, and I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That, the group was very popular among dudes in backwards baseball hats, weed smokers, and weed smoking dudes in backwards baseball hats.  Tom Morello was the guitar player for Rage Against the Machine.  “The Machine” is the American government.)

Oh for fun, links for your eyes and ears to sink their teeth into.

– I can’t stop listening to Uhh Yeah Dude podcasts.  I joined the party 205 episodes late, but now I have a 205 hours worth of hysterical discussions to enjoy on my way to work every morning.  Some video examples of  a normally strictly audio experience –
Denny’s | Parenting | Men Looking for Women

– New Jersey toll collectors hate our stupid pennies and really just want us to die instead instead of paying them.  And apparently we complain about the toll collectors and write formal complaints.  The Smoking Gun was all “quarter circle forward + freedom of information act” on Jersey’s ass, and they had to comply.  The result?

Click to view the ongoing battles of patron vs. t/c.  Warning – frequent racial epithets and empty threats abound.