June, 2010:

Address him as ‘Steven’ to really drive your point home.

Steve Jobs, the CEO, CIO, lead software developer and Lunch ‘n Learn Fun Committee chairperson is answering any and all emails now.  In the past, contacting Steve at his @apple.com email address was a great way to escalate your nerdy issues straight to the top in lieu of Apple’s tech support.  Steve would be all, “Nope” or “What” or “Zap your pram” and everyone was happy.  Now, angry developers, drunken bloggers and other random numbskulls are seeking an audience with his royal Steveness, and he’s replying – sometimes with more than one word!  Your iPhone has no reception?  “STOP HOLDING IT DUMBFUCK.”  Below are a few choice Q and A rap sessions with Steve, all of which are totally real and not fake.